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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio

1855 E. Dublin Granville Rd., 1st Floor

Columbus, OH 43229

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(614) 839-4770 (fax)

Delaware County Office

39 West Winter St.

Delaware, OH 43015

(740) 369-BIGS (2447)

Union County Office

940 London Ave., Suite C

Marysville, OH 43040

(937) 642-0472

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Springfield

625 Burt St.

Springfield, OH 45505

(937) 390-9900

The Mentoring Center of Central Ohio

1855 E. Dublin Granville Rd., 1st Floor

Columbus, OH 43229

(614) 839-2447

Camp Oty'Okwa

24799 Purcell Rd.

South Bloomingville, OH 43152

(740) 385-5279


Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio

1260 Monroe St. NW, Suite 100D

New Philadelphia, OH 44663

(330) 339-6916

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland

4614 Prospect Ave., Suite 410

Cleveland, OH 44103

(216) 621-8223

Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Ohio

173 West Second St.

Chillicothe, OH 45601

(740) 773-BIGS (2447)

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We Are Hiring

  • Match Support Specialist



    Contributes to the Program team by providing exceptional customer service to volunteers, youth and families, to efficiently and effectively enroll, match and support them in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Delivers quality service; works to facilitate a positive match experience; documents high quality, professional assessments and notes in database; and meets or exceeds program goals.

    Reports to:

    Assistant Vice President of Programs

    Essential Job Activities and Responsibilities:

    • Continually assess match relationships focusing on: child safety, match relationship development, positive youth development, family engagement and volunteer satisfaction. Address and resolve real and/or potential problems and barriers once identified.
    • Assess needs and provide individual training, information and support for each match participant to assure a positive and satisfying experience for the volunteer.
    • Apply strategic interventions to identify and strengthen match relationships that require extra support to continue to grow the match relationship.
    • Provide information and refer resources to youth and/or families in need of additional support or services. Maintain contact to ensure the parties in need have obtained the appropriate resources and are on a path to resolution and/or success.
    • Provide high-level expertise in applying child safety and risk management knowledge, policies and procedures throughout all aspects of job function.
    • Ensure all school-based programs and community-based contacts and initiatives are operating within program guidelines.
    • Conduct introduction meetings for new match relationships and, as required, facilitate enrollment procedures to successfully enroll and acclimate participants into the program.
    • Effectively administer all outcomes surveys with match participants and accurately track data. Responsible for maintaining accurate documentation and database entry per national and agency standards.
    • Collaborate with other service delivery staff to ensure smooth transition among functions.
    • Help in other program areas as part of the team when needed; attend events as requested by the agency.
    • Assist in program development and strategies for growth through participation with workgroups.
    • Assist in defining and meeting deliverables and/or outcomes for the Program team.
    • Regularly and consistently demonstrate the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio values and guiding principles.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
    • Maintain timely and accurate paperwork and database entry according to National and Agency standards.
    • Files must meet or exceed 90% compliance.
    • Provide match support from initial introduction through closure. Achieve a minimum of 90% support call completion rate.
    • Coordinate and conduct surveys and evaluations with assigned program participants. Achieve a 90% completion rate.
    • Establish, monitor and meet goals for match length and customer satisfaction.



    • Organizing; Planning - Can marshal resources (people, funding, material and support) to get things done; can orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; uses resources efficiently and effectively; arranges information and files in a useful manner. Knowledgeable about all aspects of an organization; knows how to get things done both through informal and formal channels and the informal network.
    • Interpersonal Savvy - Relates well to all kinds of people outside the organization; builds appropriate rapport; listens; builds constructive and effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact; truly values people; effectively communicates both verbally and in writing.
    • Customer Focus - Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; talks and acts with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.
    • Listening - Practices attentive and active listening; has the patience to hear people out; can accurately restate the opinions of others even when he/she disagrees.
    • Approachability - Is easy to approach and talk to; spends the extra effort to put others at ease; can be warm, pleasant and gracious; is sensitive to and patient with the interpersonal anxieties of others; builds rapport well; is a good listener; and gains access to informal and incomplete information in time to do something about it.
    • Problem Solving - Takes initiative to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; asks good questions and probes all fruitful sources for answers; can see underlying or hidden problems and patterns; is excellent at honest analysis; looks beyond the obvious and doesn't stop at the first answers.
    • Learning on the Fly - Learns quickly when facing new problems; a relentless and versatile learner; open to change; analyzes both success and failures for clues to improvement; experiments and will try anything to find solutions; enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks; quickly grasps the essence and the underlying structure of anything.
    • Presentation Skills - Is effective in a variety of formal presentation settings: one-on-one, small and large groups, with peers, subordinates, and bosses; is effective both inside and outside the organization, on both cool data and hot and controversial topics; commands attention and can manage group process during the presentation; can change tactics midstream when something isn't working.


    • Must possess a minimum of a Bachelor's degree
    • Must be willing to work minimum 40 hour/week
    • Must be willing to work evening and weekends as required
    • Must be willing to work with diverse populations and in diverse areas
    • Must be flexible to accommodate job responsibilities
    • Must have viable transportation, valid drivers' license to meet job responsibilities
    • Must have high level of organization
    • Must have working knowledge of Microsoft Office
    • Must be willing to participate in professional development activities (25 hours required annually)

    Application Instructions

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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