Darla & Aaliyah

After seeing a little girl speak about how much she loved her Big, Big Sister Darla knew instantly that’s what she was supposed to do. In 2014 Darla was matched with her Little Aaliyah. The two enjoy catching up over coffee and going shopping. Big Sister Darla owns a salon and Aaliyah visits occasionally, learning firsthand what it takes to be her own boss. As a 2020 high school graduate, Aaliyah is looking forward to college knowing Darla will be there for her every step of the way.

“I see us being together forever.” Big Sister Darla

Jeff, Vicki & Anthony

Couples Bigs Jeff and Vicki Malesky began volunteering at Windsor STEM Academy through their employer, Nationwide. When they met their Little Anthony, the trio instantly clicked. After their first year of participating in our School-based program, the Maleskys felt compelled to do more for Anthony so they transitioned to a Community-based match. Now they are helping Anthony work towards his goals of controlling his emotions and fostering his love of reading. The Maleskys can also be found cheering from the stands at Anthony’s football games.

“Anthony continues to make us laugh and enjoy our time together. He brings smiles and sunshine to our lives.” Big Sister Vicki

Matt & Steven

Little Brother Steven may have moved around a few times, but one thing remained the same- his Big Brother Matt. Whether it’s going bowling or playing video games, Matt has been a consistent and positive presence. When asked why he decided to become a Big, Matt said, “I wanted to give back to my community in a way where I could create a strong meaningful connection with someone and help them out over a long period of time.”

“I’m grateful to have someone to look up to who is always there for me.” Little Brother Steven

Naydimar & Kaitlyn

Little Sister Kaitlyn and Big Sister Naydimar share a love of math. When Naydimar, a system analyst, moved from Puerto Rico to Columbus for work, she knew she wanted to connect with the local community and volunteer her time to impact children. She has an outgoing personality and enjoys encouraging Kaitlyn to try new things. Over the course of their match, Kaitlyn has become more resilient and is learning to use her voice.

“We’re exploring the city together; learning and having fun along the way.” Big Sister Naydimar